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American Cargoservice was established in 1991 as an industrial freight forwarding firm focused on project cargo. Our project knowledge ranges from heavy and oversized cargo, delivery and pick up services in remote areas, and hazardous materials shipping, to the renewable energy and related industries.

Our top project experts have over 90 years of combined freight forwarding and logistics projects experience.


Consider ACS a Global partner for all your BIG projects

Consider ACS a Global partner for all your BIG projects

American Cargoservice, Inc. is a founding member of World Cargo Alliance (WCA) and is proud to be part of WCA Projects Network.

WCA Projects Network is the world’s leading network for independent project freight forwarders with 398member offices in 110countries and 213cities. WCA Projects has the strength of a worldwide team that surpasses any multi-national forwarder in service coverage, number of employees, flexibility, and local knowledge.

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Large Industrial Turning Machine from Germany to Mississippi

Large Industrial Turning Machine from Germany to Mississippi

In 2021, in cooperation with the German office of one of our network partners, we arranged transport of a large turning machine from Bremerhaven to Mississippi, via the port of Charleston.

The shipment consisted of 49 large crates of various sizes, totaling 247 tons and over 800 Cbm. It required 11 mafi’s to ship on a RORO vessel.

We met the vessel at Charleston to organize delivery to the final destination.

16 trucks were required for delivery, some requiring police escort due to oversized crates. Rain was forecast in during the loading in Charleston, causing some concerns, but fortunately that rain never materialized.

Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument

Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument "DESI" Project

American Cargoservice has been proud to be part the DESI (Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument) project since 2017.

Our operations team worked side by side with the University of California Berkeley, Space Science Laboratory/Lawrence Berkeley National lab project manager to coordinate the transport back and forth between manufacturers and collaborative universities across the globe of this delicate scientific equipment including lens, barrel and fiber optic cables.

ACS arranged for the assembled lens to be moved via exclusive aircraft charter from the U.K., and had boots on the ground to escort the shipment upon arrival in Tuscon international Airport through to customs clearance and delivery to Kitt Peak National Observatory.

Solving the Dark Energy Mystery: A New Assignment for a 45-Year-Old Telescope

Wheel motors by air to China

Wheel motors by air to China

In December 2007, we arranged 7 air shipments of large wheel motors for mining trucks to help a client meet an important contractual delivery deadline. These air shipments followed a series of ocean shipments, but air freight was necessary to meet a deadline.

Each motor weighed about 20,000 kgs. Two shipped from the Czech Republic, and 5 from various locations in the U.S. Each shipment required  100 board feet of lumber to distribute the weight of the motor. At the time these were the heaviest individual pieces of freight ever moved by Korean Airlines from LAX.



Guyana Mining Project

Guyana Mining Project

In 2006, we arranged the transport of numerous breakbulk and containerized shipments of mining equipment to Guyana. The equipment originated from the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Mexico, and multiple locations in the United States.

Many of the ocean shipments required transshipment in order to reach the final destination.

Pictured: Breakbulk shipment from the U.K. as it prepares to leave the factory in specially-built cradles.